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Diving in Egypt – exploring the oceanic underworld

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Renowned for its lagoons and reefs in the sheltered refines of the Red Sea, Egypt is famous as a number one diving spot and as its popularity has boomed so has the opportunity to bag cheap Egypt holidays. With competitive exchange rates and healthy competition between diving providers, plus direct six hour flights, Egypt’s most popular diving sites are even becoming a popular choice for weekend breaks – here’s our guide to exploring the oceanic underworld of Egypt.

Sharm El Sheikh

The sheltered position of the Eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula creates a favourable climate year round, with diving running from Ras Mohammed north to the Gulf of Aqaba. The focus is centred on Ras Mohammed, the national park of South Sinai , and Nabq, both of which boast immense walls of coral reefs, home to sharks, turtles, big sea fish and wrecks. The variety of coast line offers all sorts of diving opportunities, from snorkelling for beginners, through to gullies, caves and overhangs for the more advanced.

On Red Sea holidays you can explore many coral reefs and swim with the colourful marine life that inhabit it.


100km north of Sharm El Sheikh, the resort of Dahab has avoided the intense development of its popular neighbour and as such offers a laid back, lazy option to the Egyptian diving experience. However, just 12km to the north of Dahab lays one of the most famous dive sites in the world – The Blue Hole. Named after its circular shape that spans 150 meters wide and 110 meters deep, the dive site is connected to the Rea Sea by a 26 meter tunnel lying at a depth of 52 meters, which has become a popular challenge for technical divers. As well as huge walls at El Bells, a half open chimney and arches, The Blue Hole also has gently sloping reef towards the edges of the water, which cater for day and beginner divers.


The Red Sea coastal town of Hurghada has grown from a tiny fishing village to a huge resort that specialises in diving on the reefs of Shab Ali and Shab Mahmoud, The Thistlegorm wreck was rediscovered in the ‘90s  and the huge quantity of cargo and good accessibility mean it’s become a popular recreational dive spot. Mantas can be found around the horseshoe shaped reef of Shab El Ert, whilst Gota Shab El Erg is home to morays, emperor angel fish, rays and white tips.

El Quseir

El Quseir is a quiet resort to the south of Hurghada – with pristine corals and shallow clean water, most diving takes place from the shore, but it’s also the first stop on a diving trip to the Brother Islands – a site famous for their abundant sea life, including hammerheads, coral forests, grey reef sharks and sailfish.


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