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Diving In Cornwall, England

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If you are interested in some cold water diving action, then the county of Cornwall – situated on the most South Westerly tip of the United Kingdom – could be the destination for you. With a wide variety of sea-life and hundreds of ship wrecks to explore, alongside its beautiful beaches and countryside, Cornwall has everything you need for a great holiday above and below the water.

A great place to start your holiday is the town of Falmouth, located on Cornwall’s South Coast. A vibrant town with a multitude of excellent restaurants and bars for you to spend your travel money in, Falmouth is a great base from which to launch your diving holiday. In Falmouth’s surrounding area there are some excellent dive spots , which cater for all levels of diver from beginner to expert. To get there it’s advisable to use cheap car hire service so you’ll save some bucks.

The Silver Steps

The Silver Steps dive is so called because of the metal steps that lead you down from the most northerly part of Pendennis Point (the headland that juts out from Falmouth into the English Channel) to the access beach. From there you have a nice easy dive, with a great variety of sea life for you to search out, alongside the wrecked remains of several WW1 German submarines.

The Manacles

Falmouth is also one of the main ports that provide boat access to the jewel in the crown of diving in Cornwall, The Manacles. There are several companies in Falmouth that provide chartered boats to the Manacles, which covers an area of granite reef just off the Lizard Peninsula.

Famous for its for wrecks, thanks to its proximity to a major shipping route which took boats into Falmouth harbour, the manacles have claimed hundreds of ships, with the most renowned being the wreck of the SS Mohegan. The SS Mohegan sank on only its second voyage from Tilbury to New York. Now the wreck of the Mohegan is home to a wide variety of marine life and is also surrounded by a beautiful reef, around which you can find a great variety of invertebrate life, such as Jewel anemones and dead mans fingers.

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