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Diving Expeditions aren’t Just about the Diving…

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For those wondering what a dive expedition involves, wonder no more! Thomas took part in an expedition in Mexico with GVI and reveals all!

I was given a task this morning of writing about my perfect day at Pez Maya. What I’m going to write is a short version of my favorite things happening here at Pez Maya, like boat pushes, diving, party nights, diving, after dinner games and probably some diving as well.

Starting with boat push! An essential thing at Pez Maya is the boat push, without boats in the water we can’t go diving. Most people at base see boat pushing as just a necessary evil, not me. I love the boat pushes. I’ve grown up doing all kind of team sports and love the feeling of being in a group of people getting together and working hard for a common goal, and that’s exactly what boat push is all about, a group of people working against nature to get the boats into the water. And the best thing; we always win!

After the boats are in the water we can go on doing the next favorite thing, diving. The reef is just a couple of minutes away and we have some really good spots for diving. But diving is not just about good spots, you need good dive buddies as well and there are loads of them here. We are all different kinds of divers here at Pez Maya, anything from people that have not even been swimming in the sea before they arrived here, to certified instructors with over 400 dives in their logbook. Everyone has one thing in common though; they are all amazing and fun people to have around you that make the diving so much more fun.

It gets even better when we’re spotting nurse sharks, moray eels, turtles, stingrays, lobsters and sometimes we even catch or kill some lion fishes.
When the day is coming to an end around beer o’clock and everyone is tired after all the fun diving we have been doing all day, there’s always some energy left for games. My favourite is the name game, but we have a lot of other good games, like Uno, The winker, The chief game etc. If we’re really lucky we even have time for some volleyball before it gets to dark.
Life at base wouldn’t be the same without the party nights, the perfect chance for everyone to get to know each other better and of course having some laughs together. Some people are dancing and some people (me in particular) are just looking silly trying to dance. But we are all having fun. I can’t finish without mentioning all the amazing people that I’m surrounded by here.

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