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Diving during Pregnancy and Menstruation

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Got a question from one of our female readers and decided to answer it publicly as it might be interesting for other female divers


Hello sir , I’m 23 y/o female and planning to become a diver and have 2 questions which affects only female divers.

1. Is it safe to dive during menstruation, as I’ve heard some gossips that blood can attracts shark  ?
2. Also what do you think ?  Is it safe to dive during pregnancy ?

L. Monica

Dear Monica , I’ll try to shortly answer to your questions

1. It’s safe to dive during menstruation

Amount of blood during menstruation, which could appear in the water is very little. Experiments have shown that sharks did not react to the menstrual blood, as it contains a high percentage of dead cells. It turned out that only fresh blood excites the appetite of the sharks. So attracting sharks by this way you simply can’t :) The only thing which is worth paying attention is dehydration which is common during menstruation, but simply drinking water will prevent this problem too.

So do not worry such thing will never happen because of menstruation :)

shark attacks woman

What about Pregnancy

2.  Diving is not recommended during pregnancy

The opinion of all doctors in the world is same: Do not dive during pregnancy. The reason for this recommendation lies in the fact that the blood supplying oxygen to the fetus, partially bypassing the liver, and accordingly may contain a larger number of nitrogen bubbles, which may harm the developing fetus. Another aspect is that during decompression illness ( which may happen both to males and females ) patient should be entered into recompression chamber, there he/she should be treated with oxygen under high pressure and take some medicines which can harm the health of the child and lead to abortion.


If the holiday was very enjoyable and successful, during that time you discovered that you are pregnant – do not worry. Diving is safe during first 2-4 weeks of pregnancy.

For the sake of justice it should be noted that such clinical studies on pregnant women never been made.

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