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Divers Decided to Plumb Depths of Four Lakes

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For every scuba diver exploring the depth of ocean is something very unique and spectacular, and it’s natural that many professional divers set themselves goals to overcome various challenges just because they want to reach the depth of ocean, where countless amazing marine wonders await to be enjoyed and experienced.

Eighteen Essex divers decided to do this adventurous but at the same time very dangerous step to reach the bottoms of four deep mountain lakes in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Island in 48 hours. They intend to dive for at least ten minutes at each lake in each country without assistance, walking a total of 60 km to each remote location, and climbing 2,929 meters, all in 2 days.

Dave Champan Young said that he had been diving for almost 30 years and that now he is already a qualified instructor. He mentioned that he loved diving and looked forward to plumb till the depth of those four lakes.  Though many of them think that they are mad but they are sure that this is an exciting opportunity not to be missed.

This crazy experience will start on October 6 and the divers will start climbing 475 m at Lough Atona in Northern Island. Up till now nobody has ever dived in that lake, so this rocking experience is going to be very interesting and exciting. Let’s wish them good luck!

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