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Diver fought tiger shark to save his friend

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During two hours Klas Craig wrestled with 3.6 meter predator spearing it seven time. Mr Klas fished for yellowfin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico in the company with the fisherman Cameron Kirkonnelom, photographer and film director Ryan Shtrantsem MakInnsom. The group was already leaving, when a tiger shark appeared. The tiger shark looked interested in Mr. MakInnsom. Not wasting time to reflect, Klas grabbed his gun and rushed to help his friend.


«I put myself between Ryan and the shark, and had moment delay, hoping that it will leave, – explained the 32 year old diver – I noticed that the shark, circled around us, coming ever closer, and behaves aggressively. The shark made a roll and looked like it was going to charge us so I just went ahead and took the conservative route and put a shaft through its gills.

diver vs shark

And Cameron, and I have are many years familiar with the sharks, experience is enought. But this time I had a special feeling. I clearly felt that a shark is looking for a lunch, but I was not satisfied that role. After the first shot in the gills, I realized that I need to bring the case to the end.

diver vs shark

I shot at this fish, as in any other, and made every effort to kill her so quickly and humanely as possible. To harpoon a shark in the gills would have died anyway, so I tried to get into his head to achieve it rapidly. I shot her six times, but I was not lucky, so the process was delayed. Sharks are very tenacious of life – no wonder they have survived for millions of years. The best and fastest way to kill the shark – that tie her to the tail to the boat and drag it along until it dies. In the end had to finish her with a knife as soon as I was able to pick up quite close to him – after attempting to drown her».

Mr Klas is a freediver and underwater hunter, born in Mississippi, raised in a fishing family, and is an expert in all fishing disciplines.

diver vs shark

Despite the experience, Dr. Klas m not very happy with the outcome. «This is one of those moments, which then you are sorry – explains Dr. Klas – Personally, I never kill what I do not want to eat. We saved the tail and head, cut a big piece and ate part of it.

I’m not going to hunt the shark, it was a protective effect, and I will do it again. Unfortunately, it was necessary, but it is not something to be proud of. So the circumstances. It was one of the rare cases where it was necessary to defend themselves.

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  • steve said:

    Pretty dangerous sea creature…and I don’t blame them for doing what they did. They were more terrified, than looking to hunt sharks.

  • Mark Chudleigh said:

    Unusual to see a tiger shark attack or threaten a diver ! and also i don’t really consider the diving I do a hunting activity . I guess you north Americans just like to hunt and kill , whether on land or in the ocean !

  • Captain Jack - freediver said:

    @ Mark Chudleigh; in reading this article, I get the sense the diver had another slightly more human motivation. One punch to the nose or jab with a spear has always (always) done the trick for me in my years of experience. But I also had no (human) need to “go public” about my experiences, scuba & free, diving up and down the coast of Mexico & California… Just another human experience “posted on the world wide web” for all to see and marvel about. I still occasionally hunt for fish, but mostly for bugs (lobster).

  • Steph said:

    what a shame to kill this creature!!!


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