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Discovering underwater life of Greece

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The landmarks, monuments, culture and history are what attract most people to Greece, but very few tourists realize just how many thrilling sights there are to see under the water in Greece. Sure the museums, ruins and exhibits are worthwhile but there is so much more to explore and discover once you toss on a wet suit and dive deep down. From the unique underwater sea life to the crystal clear waters, you really cannot ask for much more than Greece has to offer.


When you are looking into a scuba diving adventure in Greece some of your options are limited. This does not diminish the quality of your experience but you should be aware that there are many restrictions in the area. This however is quite a good thing as it keeps the divers separate from the other activities and helps nature to thrive. There are also quite a few protective laws that have been put into place in order to salvage some underwater wrecks and sculptures. While this can of course be frustrating for diving enthusiasts it should not persuade you to forego your diving adventure to the area as there is still plenty to see. In fact in recent years a lot of previously restricted areas have opened up and scuba diving as a whole has become quite popular in Greece.

Your safest bet to make the most out of your experience is to sign with a local company that offers a dive tour. While this may restrict you at some points it will ensure that you find and locate the best spots in the shortest amount of time. If you sign up with a large group or pay a little extra you may even be allowed to make your own itinerary.

A pricey option but a worthwhile one is ANDI Greece. They offer a deep sea diving trip through the shipwreck of the Titanic’s sister, the Brittanic. If you have ever had any interest in shipwrecks then this is definitely the tour you need to embark on.


Whether you are looking for crystal clear water, ancient ruins, salvaged sculptures or old time shipwrecks then you definitely want to look into a scuba diving trip through Greece. You can research and ask around for the major and popular sites, but let’s be honest what is the fun in that? Greece offers uniqueness unlike any other diving destination. It is suggested that you create your own plan and your own itinerary; you never know when you may discover some ancient shipwreck or treasure that has been left untouched for centuries. Greece is yours to discover and the best way is via the crystal clear waters.

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