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Deep See Aqua Glide Snorkeling Fins

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deep see aqua glide snorkelDeep See’s Aquaglide snorkeling fins boast patented split blade technology that gives you twice the propulsion with half the workout, letting you comfortably extend the length of your dives.

Finally, a lightweight snorkeling fin that is easy to fit to any size foot! For ease of kicking and reduced leg fatigue, the Aqua Glide snorkeling fin provides a great alternative to the typical “paddle-type” snorkel fins.

Twice the speed with half the effort

  • Open heel snorkeling fin with adjustable strap and Neoprene heel pad
  • Soft, flexible foot pocket for great comfort and fit
  • Split blade technology provides efficient waterflow to increase power and speed, with less effort
  • Water accelerates through the split like water jetting out of a hose
  • Co-molded flex zones to cup and channel water

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