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Cressi Sub Aero Pro BCD

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cressi sub aero pro bcdSpearhead model of the new AERO range, Cressi Sub Aero Pro BCD has been specifically designed to be able to stow all the diver’s weights in the different pockets.

Complete with the brand new Lock-Aid System (L.A.S.), which consists of two special slip-off weight containers complete with the brand new and patented Lock-Aid-System with mechanical safety release for rapid extraction; each one can stow up to 4.5 kg of weight.

The shoulder straps are separate from the bag, which provides considerable buoyancy as required by the Cressi Sub Aero Pro BCD with fully integrated weights.

Notwithstanding this, the mixed front-back volume and the anatomic conformation of the Cressi Sub Aero Pro BCD guarantee an extremely streamlined and enveloping structure that is perfect for forward moving. The extensive accessories include two accessory holder zip-up pockets, two weight pockets on the back, several stainless steel D-rings and two carry handles.

The choice of materials makes it possible to keep the weight down for air travel.

Technical features  of Cressi Sub Aero Pro BCD

* Bag expansion: mixed front-back
* Material: 500 Cordura for the outer, 420 denier Nylon on the inner
* Two large zip-up accessories pockets
* Integrated Lock-Aid weight pocket system
* Bag retaining system
* Two back weight pockets
* Three dump-pressure valves
* Two, 50mm stainless steel D-rings on the shoulders
* Two, 50mm stainless steel D-rings on the bottom
* Two, 30mm technopolymer D-rings above the pockets
* Rigid carry handle
* Adjustable nylon handle on rear
* Buoyancy in kg: 9.7 (XS), 11.7 (S), 17.9 (M), 20.4 (L), 23.5 (XL)
* Buoyancy in lbs: 21.4 (XS), 25.9 (S), 39.3 (M), 45.0 (L), 51.7 (XL)
* Buoyancy in Newton: 95 (XS), 115 (S), 175 (M), 200 (L), 230(XL)
* Weight in kg: 3,500 kg (XS), 3,550 kg (S), 3,800 kg (M), 3,900 kg (L), 3,950 kg (XL)

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  • Adam Winterburn said:

    Hi there, I am trying to get a weight pocket for my cressi back jac BCD .. I lost one on a reef dive today Its the L.A.S system. I only need one , but would buy two If they have to come in a pair. Can you help? Cheers Adam Winterburn 14 Korah St Bowen North Queensland 4805 Australia


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