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Cozumel, Mexico – Let the Drift just Take You

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Down in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, 12 miles off the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula and about 45 miles south of Cancun, lies the oh-so-beautiful Cozumel – the largest Island in the Mexican Caribbean and the most populated island of Mexico, edged with pristine white sandy beaches and craggy black castles of limestone and coral.

Famed for its numerous Maya ruins, duty-free shopping, deep sea fishing and windsurfing, add to this perfect year-round warm temperatures, Cozumel is also a scuba divers’ paradise, offering some of the BEST diving in the world with fantastic visibility, impressive wall dives and abundant marine life.

A sleepy little fishing community until 1961, when Jacques Cousteau – a famous underwater explorer declared it one of the most beautiful scuba diving areas on Earth, Cozumel is now a mecca for divers of all levels as it houses the largest reef system in the Americas, which has been declared an underwater National Marine Park to protect the balance of its amazing coral reefs and abundant variety of colorful tropical fish and sea life.

To enjoy all inclusive luxury and make your dive vacation a fun, safe and truly irresistible experience, the island offers a range of spectacular dive resorts, including Fiesta Americana Cozumel Dive Resort, Allegro Resort Cozumel, Cozumel Palace, and Occidental Grand Cozumel that organize dive tours you do not want to miss out.

Most diving in Cozumel is drift diving, where divers are dropped off by the boat up the current at the start of the dive and are carried along the reed by the current accompanied by their dive guides. Naturally, some dives are more advanced than others and your guide will help you to evaluate your diving comfort level so that you can choose the dive sites best suited to your skill level. At a few sites, there are opportunities to spot sharks and schools of barracuda.

The newest site in Cozumel is the wreck of Felipe Xicotencatl, found very close to the resort on nearby Tormentos Reef, which is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

No matter you are a novice or an experienced diver, the clarity of the Caribbean always opens up a world of beauty unlike any other, so let the drift just take you…

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