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College Station Middle School Students to have Diving Classes

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Have you ever imagined having a scuba diving lesson at school, which will give you the unique chance to get pleasure and learn to dive at the same time? Some 100 creative 7th grade students in the College Station Middle School took a scuba diving lesson at the school’s natatorium on Wednesday.

This was part of their class project and the students not only had a hands-on exercise, but also learned many secrets about diving, taught by Leslie Kurtz, their science teacher and some local diving experts. Particularly, the students learned how to breathe underwater and the main important things beginners should know by all means.

Leslie Kurtz mentions that the local Scuba diving company talked with the students about diving; the students got a chance to watch a video and learned a lot about what can happen when underwater. After making notes and asking a lot of questions, they were given the chance to practice the knowledge they got and see how it feels underwater.

From now on, the remaining seventh grade students will take Scuba diving lessons on Thursday and Friday.

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