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Checklist for Scuba Diving Holidays

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Scuba diving holidays have gained a great following and popularity over the years. Enthusiasts find that they can combine the sport of scuba diving with vacationing in numerous exotic locations. Planning and preparing for such trips is a must to insure that one has everything they need to enjoy their vacation and their dive.

The most important part of your checklist is paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. You will need your diver’s certificate, without this you will not be able to dive at all. Make sure that it is up to date and that the location will accept your certificate. Insurance paperwork is also highly recommended. You will want copies of both your health insurance and travel insurance. Check with your health insurance to see what they will cover and where you can receive medical attention. Most health insurances will not cover scuba diving; this is where you will need additional insurance. The coverage for scuba divers will vary depending on the company, some will only cover up to a certain depth while others will require a dive master to accompany you. You will also need copies of your ID and your passport if traveling to another country. If you plan on renting a car, you will need copies of your auto insurance.

Make a pack list of all your scuba gear ahead of time, this will help to keep organized and can also help to not leave anything behind as you return home. While lists may vary upon the individual, there are some common items that all will need. You can also call ahead to see if your location will rent out some equipment, saving you space in your suitcases. Some of the basics to pack for scuba diving are; fins, wet suit, booties, reef gloves, dive light, BCD, mask cleaning liquid, dive knife, glow sticks, o-ring, underwater camera, compass, timer, depth gauge and first aid kit. You should also pack clothing that can be layered to wear in town and also on the boats. It is also advisable to write down all serial numbers to your equipment and keep this in a separate, safe place.

One should also book flights and hotel accommodations well in advance, this will save both time and money. If you will be traveling to another country, consider exchanging currency before you arrive. Research your area ahead of time, you may want to book a tour guide to explore the area even further while you are there.


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