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Canadian Diver Despatie Pleased with Progress after Concussion

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In an audio recording released by Diving Canada, Montreal diver and two-time Olympic silver medalist Alexandre Despatie provided an update on his recovery, saying he’s pleased with his progress since resuming physical activity last week.

Alexandre Despatie

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The diver suffered a concussion two weeks ago after hitting his head on the board in Madrid while training for a Grand Prix event. He was hospitalized and required surgery to close a 10-centimeter wound near his hairline. Now that things are going great and he hasn’t had a headache in five days, Despatie plans to increase regular training soon to be able to get ready for the London Olympics, which launches on July 27.

‘The biggest test in my rehab I think — mentally and physically — is yet to come and it’ll be going back in the pool, starting diving again,’ he said. ‘Obviously, it’s the same idea to go one step at a time and make sure that everything goes the way it should be.

‘But in general we’re really progressing forward, which is the most important thing.’

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