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Best Travel Destinations for Scuba Diving

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In the first post I’ve promised my readers to share my experience and advise best places for scuba diving.

There are many great places where you can experience some really exciting adventures, but this is sMome kind of top pick of mine for diving destinations.

Great Barrier Reef – is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, it was also included in the list of world heritage by UNESCO.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world, with 2,900+ individual reefs and 900 islands (which you will not find anywhere else in the world ) stretching 2,600 kilometers over an area covering 344,400 square kilometers . GBR is located in the Coral Sea, at the coast of Queensland in northeast Australia.

Great Barrier Reef - Helicopter view

Stretching along the northeastern coast of Australia at 2500 km chain of 2900 coral reefs and more than 1000 islands is home to the unique world of exotic fishes and plants, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Great Barrier Reef is one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet, with more than 20 million years of history. Evergreen forests, trees, waterfalls, eucalyptus groves, untouched land, unique animals and birds, aboriginal trails and of course gorgeous underwater life- all of these are in Great Barrier Reef.

Clown Fish in Great Barrier Reef's waters

Islands of Great Barrier Reef are called as the eighth wonder of the world. The world knows a great number of beautiful islands with beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery and crystal clear water. But the Great Barrier Reef – the biggest reef system in the world and the largest structure, “created” by living organisms of the world. Until now, there are islands which are still untouched by humans. Unique spectacle awaits you in the underwater world if these islands – a kaleidoscope of bright colored fishes among the coral gardens colored purple, pink, lavender, lilac, green, brown, blue, yellow. Nothing can be matched with the beauty of this miracle, which you’ll be able to see with your own eyes, if only you’ll decide to spend your vacation in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Yucatán. Diving under the water and under the ground at the same time – special exotica for divers. Here is the longest underwater cave system in the world (recorded 60 different cave systems, with up to 68 km, but divers’ expeditions are still discovering new ones). Entrance to the caves are called cenote which is translated fromMayan language and means «well».

Yucutan cave system

The Indians called Cenotes «gateway to the kingdom of death» and considering them sacred water. That’s why gifts for gods – from gold jewelry to the sacrificed fellow were been dumped in here. Everything which represents any archaeological value have been raised to the surface long ago, but cenotes didn’t lost their appeal. Most of them are not far from Cancun, right in the jungle. The surface of Cenote really look like a well or small pool. To get to some of them you have to scramble on the rocks along with all equipment, sometimes even jump in the water from 3 meter of height. It worth to climb and jump: implausible beautiful cave decorations, the underground dome fill with air, giant underwater stalactites and stalagmites. And the water is so clear, that sometimes it seems that you parish in weightlessness and the only thing which is destroying this illusion is bubbles from aqualung.

When to go: Round Year, but the best time – May-July. In August and September – the highest chance of hurricanes.

Conditions for diving: The water temperature – +25 … +27 ° C. Visibility – up to 85 m. The required level of certification – from AOWD PADI, plus the experience of night diving.

Palau –  This republic brings together two hundred of small  and very tiny Pacific islands (only eight of them inhabited), with complete transparency of the water lagoons.


In very few placesthe ocean is so blue and tropical forests are so green. The absence of large corporations and stock exchanges within a radius of a thousand miles make your vacation incredible.Palau certified as «one of the seven underwater wonders of the world» by authoritative Divers’ Association “CEDAM International”.

Leopard sharks, turtles, tropical fish incredible colors (a total of more then 700 species), octopus, black coral trees, a variety of crab and very rare marine inhabitants are easily met in here. The most famous dive site known as Blue Hole is a complex system of catacombs with a wealth of flora and fauna, with several entrances and exits: overflowing them really light, depending on the angle and time of day the water colored with all possible shades of blue.

When to go: All year round, but the high season – from January to May.

Conditions for diving: The water temperature – about +20 ° C. Average depth – 20-30 m level of certification – from the OWD PADI.

Maldives . Most of us probably will not find Maldives on the map immediately, but pronouncing the word Maldives and immediatelythe scene with turquoise lagoons, palm trees, beaches with white sands and other images, accompanied the ad slogan «heavenly delight» is coming into our mind.


This paradise of the Maldives – is their underwater world and it’s not accidental that the first tourists in here were 30 years ago and they there divers. This magical beauty is really hard to describe: a flock of bright tropical fish, giant rays, sea turtles, starfish, enormous Napoleon fishes, barracudas.

For experiencing the underwater beauty of Maldives there is a really simple way, you can even take your flippers on.. Many hotels have their own reefs, which can be reach by walking in 2-3 min.

When to go: From August to May , butthe best season is from late January to April.

Conditions for diving: The water temperature – +28 … +30 ° C whole year. Usually, immersion occurs at the vertical walls of reefs or in the channel of the atolls in a strong current. Visibility – 5 to 30 m. The level of certification PADI AOWD recommended but not required.

5. Thailand. The main underwater attraction is the rocky island Tao, which became one of the biggest dive resorts. Tourists are invited to see sea turtles, reef sharks, and colorful fishes. In March and April in the coastal waters you can see big whale sharks. Prices for dives are more than accessible

Big turtle across the island Tao ( Thailand )

Seasons on the island runs from February to October, the best time – from February to March

Conditions for diving: The water temperature +26 … +29 ° C. Visibility – 10 to 30 m. Average depth – 15-20 m level of certification – from the OWD PADI.

It seems that I’ve wrote enough for today :) , I do not want to get you bored so I’ll finish Part1 with Thailand. Make sure to bookmark our blog not to miss Part2 in which I’m going to introduce you with Baikal Lake, Galapagos Islands, Great Belize Reef, Red Sea and Bahamas.


  • scuba diving maldives said:

    I agree with your post, Maldives is a perfect spot for a once in a lifetime vacation, boasting blue lagoons, white sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs.

  • chris said:

    wowww!beautiful places…Maldives is a great destination for scuba divers..look at the color of the sea…awesome!!!

  • David - The Diving Blog said:

    Y’know, I’ve consistently heard that The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most overrated dive destinations in the world. I’ve heard it so much that while I know I’ll make it there eventually, I’m not rushing to go diving there.


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