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Best Kavieng Dive Sites

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Located at the far northwestern end of the island of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea, Kaveing is a picture-perfect example of the idyllic pacific paradise and an island haven of clear waters and springs, fabulous beaches and towering mountains and this is just the beginning. The waters surrounding the island are known as one of the finest dive locations in the world and are blessed with everything from barrier reefs and coral gardens, to patch reefs and sea grass beds, to coral atolls and amazing wrecks.

The following are some of the most popular dive sites in Kavieng:

Albatross Passage

Ideal for divers of all levels, Albatross Passage is a dive site not to be missed, offering a maximum diving depth of around 30 m and a wealth of fish life with its star attraction being the incoming pelagic including dogtooth tunas, grey reef sharks, huge schools of barracuda, not to mention mobula and eagle rays. It’s a narrow channel between Baudissin and New Ireland, where the rocky wall is covered with huge coral fans, colorful sponges and unique black coral trees.

Echuca Patch

This is another famous diving site in Kavieng, a large sausage shaped ridge that rises from white sandy bottom at 50 meters to a peak 15 meters below the surface. At 30 meters along the northern end lies the awe-inspiring Der Yang wreck, housing two or three resident Queensland Groupers and many pelagic and marine fish. Here divers often spot sardines and anchovies that appear in large silver colored clouds.

Silver Tip Reef (Valerie’s Reef)

This amazing dive site, some 14 miles northwest of Turtle Reef is just made for the photographer as it boasts such marine species as silver tip reef sharks that approach with in meters of the camera looking for handouts from the divers. Named after the world renowned Valarie Taylor, Silver Tip Reef enjoys warm water temperatures and visibility up to 100 feet.

Planet Channel & Eagle Ray Pass

This is surely another remarkable area for diving near Kavieng famous for its unique concentration on flora and fauna. Part of this passage is also called Eagle Ray Pass as there is a strong current running through this narrow channel, where eagle rays are always seen.

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