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AquaLung Kronos Supreme Regulator

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Aqualung Kronos Supreme RegulatorThe AquaLung Kronos Supreme has all the same features as the original Kronos Regulator but only designed for coldwater diving. If you are going to dive in waters below 50F/10C than Kronos Supreme Regulator is ideal for you. Aqua Lung’s King of Titans: Kronos is First Regulator with Lateral Deflector and Combined Adjuster. The regulator deflects bubbles to the side; improves visibility and versatility.

  • An environmental dry kit on the first stage to resist ice formation on the main spring
  • Due to the new Side-X exhaust system, exhaled breath passes over the second stage heat exchanger and valve, effectively warming it, thereby making it resistant to freezing.
  • Special pre-installed settings of first and second level, providing additional stability to the regulator against freezing.

Features of AquaLung Kronos Supreme Regulator

* Side-X exhaust system
* Comfortable mouthpiece, spare mouthpiece, and removable mouthpiece clamp
* Compatible with EAN 40
* Dual Cam integrated controller
* Venturi control

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