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AquaLung Kronos Review

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King of Titans from Aqua Lung: Kronos – the first regulator with side deflector and an adjustable combination of ease of breathing. The Kronos regulator offers a brilliant Side-X exhaust system that moves the bubbles to the side of your field of vision instead of in front of your face.

aqualung kronos

AquaLung Kronos, which has innovative solutions to common problems inherent in traditional regulators. At first glance you will notice an asymmetrical baffle Side’X, which moves bubbles from your field of vision. In addition to this simplified setting ease of breathing through a combination of two mechanisms – the control injection Venturi and adjust the sensitivity of resistance to breath – one mechanism Dual Cam.

aqualung kronos

Made with two versions of connectors – YOKE 232 bar and 300 bar DIN

AquaLUng Kronos specs:

* Side-X exhaust system
* Comfortable mouthpiece, spare mouthpiece, and removable mouthpiece clamp
* Compatible with EAN 40
* Dual Cam integrated controller
* Venturi control

The first stage:

* Compact easy first step with a linear balanced membrane mechanism.
* The first stage is equipped with an automatic shut-off device, ACD, which is sealed connector first stage regulator at the time of disconnection of the valve cylinder.
* 2-port high and 4 low pressure ports.

Second stage:

* Air balanced mechanism of the second stage.
* New asymmetrical lateral deflector Side’X (application for patent) gives bubbles out of sight.
* Even with the side disqualification bubbles, exhalation valve, took the traditional position in the second stage, providing a constant «dry» breaths.
* Exhaled air passes around the heat exchanger, the second stage, further heating the air, arriving on the hose to the first stage, which significantly increases the stability of the regulator.

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