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A trip to Caribbean getaway

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Are you like me, someone who just wants to get away from the everyday stresses of normal life and relax in an all inclusive hotels where there’s nothing to worry about, except maybe the bikini body? I just really fancy getting away and being somewhere where nobody can contact (well, I will switch my phone off) or find me! So, I asked my friend where to go, as she has practically travelled the world and she suggested the Caribbean, it was perfect! Sun, sand and sea is all I want! I checked it out and the all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic sounds incredible.

Now, if I’m being perfectly honest, which I’m going to be, extreme activities sports in general really aren’t my thing. However, I’ve heard and read that the scuba diving in the Dominican Republic is one of the best, home to so many tropical fish and exciting underwater animals. I am actually really excited to go scuba diving. After all, I’m going all that way I should try something that is one of the best places in the world to do it.

Ultimate heaven

Anyone wants to join me? Feel free, the more the merrier! The Dominican Republic, we’re all aware has become a popular tourist destination to get away, so the choice of all the resorts on offer is really incredible. However, Barceló Hotels and Resorts really stood out for me. They have an impressive amount on offer and offer scuba diving also, I don’t even need to venture out the hotel to do what I want! (Sigh of happiness) I should have some adventure and excitement while I’m there. I know I should be doing all the touristy things and making the most of it while I’m there and I’m not saying I won’t venture out the hotel for the whole week  but, honestly, I just want to chill out and relax!

I can picture it now, I’m lying on a sun bed by the pool, with a piña colada in my hand, the sun is beating down on my skin and I’m reading Heat magazine, I mean the newspaper of course! The only worry I have at the moment, and you might be thinking “Why would you be worrying about something?” but having a look at what’s on offer, there are so many restaurants to choose from, a nightclub and several activities. Honestly, I think I’m having heart palpitations at the thought of it now! The idea of just having everything I want and need at my disposal is really what I need right now.

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