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A tourist Dies in Piti Monday

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Scuba diving is an attractive and exciting hobby for many adventure seekers around the world that brings them to the wonders of underwater life, promising a truly thrilling experience full of extreme and crazy moments. It becomes more and more popular water sport year after year with new and new diving centers and amazing dive sites being opened in different corners of the world.

As with all exhilarating sports, there are a few accidents that can occur while scuba diving. And while scuba is normally a safe and fun activity, it can be extremely dangerous if you do not know the rules of diving.

An accident that happened in Piti Monday is a real shock and the death wouldn’t happen if the diver knew some simple rules of diving.

As Guam’s medical examiner informed, a tourist killed in a diving in Piti Monday died from air embolism – a catastrophic event, which occurs as a consequence of the entry of air into the vasculature.

Medical examiner Doctor Aurelio Espinola mentioned that he found air Ryota Yoshikubo’s circulatory system which he thought could have come from the diver holding his breath.

Lee Weber, the president of Micronesian Diver’s Association said that it was really unfortunate. The tourist was not diving with MDA Company.  Webber also explained how could the accident happen and mentioned that an air bubble can form in case a diver breathing compressed air under three feet of water, holds his breath and very quickly ascends.

This kind of death is not very common in scuba diving history, and even the beginners are taught never to hold their breath.

Till now authorities haven’t found out what the company the tourist was diving with was. According to Pacific Daily News, Outhouse Beach is mostly used by dive companies to teach beginners scuba diving lessons.

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