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A Chinese Submersible to Attempt 7,000 meter Dive

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China’s manned submersible Jiaolong, named after a mythical sea dragon in Chinese folklore is set to go seven thousand meters beneath the waters of the Mariana Trench in the western pacific between mid-June and early July. Last summer it succeeded in diving 5,188 meters in the Pacific Ocean, enabling China to conduct scientific explorations in nearly 70 percent of the world’s seabed.

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Earlier in 2010, Jialong successfully reached 3,759 meters below the sea in the South China Sea, making China the fifth country able to send a man so deep into below waters, following the United States, France, Japan and Russia.

‘China’s mission is to develop more advanced deep-sea technologies and equipment, including comprehensive research ships, mothership of manned undersea grafts and deep-sea autonomous underwater vehicles,’ said Liu Cigui, head of the State Oceanic Administration.

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Three oceanauts, Tang Jialing, Fu Wentao and Ye Cong will pilot the Jiaolong and will be supported by a hundred scientists abroad who will take care about the submersible’s functionality and carry out scientific surveys, taking seabed samples during the dive.

If the operation succeeds, this will mean that China will have the technology to navigate 99.8 percent of the earth’s sea beds. Let’s wish them a safe dive!

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