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15% of Egypt diving centers to be closed

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This year Egypt’s tourism authorities will be «filtering» diving centers. This will result in their numbers to be cut by 10-15%, states the Chairman of the House of diving and water sports of Egypt (CDWS) – Hisham Gabr.

He added that in this means that every 10-th diving center in Egypt will be closed.

According to him, in 2009, all diving centers of Egypt will be required to switch to the new standards of ISO, developed by the European Underwater Federation and the Austrian Institute of Standards and obtain a new license from CDWS.

«Now diving services in the Red Sea are offered by more than 350 licensed diving centers, – explained H. Gabr. – Last year it 18 centers were closed that offer substandard services».

According to him, until March 31, all of the diving center of Southern Sinai will be required to complete the procedures, to obtain the new license corresponding to new standards.

«Until the end of June licensing in Hurghada and El Gunne will be completed. Those centers which do not receive a new license in time, can obtain a temporary license for a month, which may be renewed for up to three months».

License are issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt for a year.

President of CDWS noted that to deal with diving centers, which received complaints from tourists is planned to create a marine police, which may prevent access to the sea boats carrying the clients of these centers.

«Punishment will be closure of these diving centers for a period of 1 to 6 months», – he added.

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